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Carroll Hall Shelby was born in 1923

Carroll Hall Shelby was born on 11th January 1923 and became a factory driver for Aston Martin and Maserati before going on to take part in 8 F1 races.

In 1959 Shelby was forced to retire from driving due to a heart condition he'd had from childhood. He went on to continue to work with cars by setting up the Shelby-American company and a high performance driving school.

The Shelby Cobra was the first performance car to be tested by Shelby and friend Dean Moon.

In 1962 Shelby show's the yellow Cobra at the New York Auto Show and goes on to produce more for Ford.

In 1964 Ford asked Shelby to develop a high-performance Mustang fastback.

The first 65 Shelby Mustang GT350 race and street cars were produced in September of 1965.

Hertz, in November 1965 awards the contract to build 200 GT350's called the GT350Hs. Specialised Ford Mustang race cars that were popular enough to extend the contract to build 1000, 800 more than the intial agreement.

In June 1966 new 67 GT350 specs and a GT500 was announced which later were delivered to dealers from November.

Unfortunately in 1969 the Shelby Automotive Racing Company closed and Ford ended the long term racing agreement with Shelby.

At Ford's 100 Years of Racing Festival in 2003 and 45th anniversary for Shelby in 2010, Ford and Shelby reuninted with special edition cars.

Carroll Shelby sadly passed away at 89 in Dallas Texas. The heart issues experienced from the age of 7 finally caught up with him but his impact on the motorsport and automotive world was easily seen with tributes pouring in from around the world.

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